Upper Prep

The Upper Prep curriculum builds on prior learning and progresses pupils towards becoming independent and active learners; whilst developing the learning attitudes of motivation, resilience, persistence, curiosity, flexibility and risk-taking.

Teaching groups are streamed by ability with setting in place for Mathematics, English and French.  This is designed to maximise the efficiency of our teaching programmes, ensuring that work presented to pupils is ‘just right’ – challenging but not overwhelming. The curriculum is balanced and busy, and includes Saturday mornings.

All pupils in year 8 pupils complete end of year assessments and, if applicable, scholarship examinations for their chosen secondary school. Upper Prep pupils have a form base with a form tutor who will monitor academic work and general development, provide support and guidance, and communicate closely with parents.


The teachers who make up the Upper Prep teaching team are dedicated, hardworking professionals who are committed to making the education of their pupils their first concern.  They set high expectations which inspire, motivate and challenge pupils in a multitude of different ways, ensuring that progress and outcomes are the best that they can be.


The Upper School classrooms are housed on the first floor of the Tom Davies building and in the Quad buildings. All are well equipped and resourced for modern teaching and include science laboratories, computer suites, a language laboratory, the theatre, the music school, art room and design and technology workshop.  In addition, we have a well-stocked library and extensive sports facilities.

We are very proud of our Upper Prep and would welcome you to come and visit us for a tour of our wonderful facilities. We can also arrange for your child to attend a taster day to experience for themselves all that Upper Prep has to offer.

Samantha Krbacevic, Assistant Head - Upper Prep

Telephone 01283 707105, email - skrbacevic@repton.org.uk

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