Lower Prep

Lower Prep is a lively, vibrant learning environment, where lessons are taught in and outside of the form room. We have created a warm, open and stimulating atmosphere, where pupils are at the heart of our teaching and learning and the curriuculum allows our pupils to develop skills and experiences that will form the foundation for their future learning.

From rising 3s to Year 4, pupils are happy, confident learners, who thrive on the challenges presented. Experienced, enthusiastic Teachers and Learning Enhancement Assistants ensure that pupils have a positive, enjoyable and memorable experience during their time at Repton Prep.

Lower Prep consists of two campus on the School site. Lower Prep Garden is a purpose built building for Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. Whilst Lower Prep Woodland consist of Year 3 and Year 4 and is situated on the ground floor of the Tom Davies building.  

All Lower Prep pupils benefit from the use of all of our outstanding school facilities, including the extensive 55 acre grounds.

The School Day

Lower Prep Garden

Children can arrive from 8am with registration at 8.45am. Four times a week we have an assembly in the Lower Prep, including a birthday assembly and our 'Golden Leaf' assembly.

Throughout the day we deliver a wide and varied curriculum of academic and non-academic subjects, including swimming, forest schools, PE, music and French. At 10.20am all children have a snack and break time. Lunch is eaten in the dining hall and is supervised by the Lower Prep teachers. Lunch time begins at midday and finishes at 1.15pm when the children then continue with their timetabled lessons.

An afternoon break time is from 3pm to 3.15pm followed by an assembly, story or circle time until 3.45pm when the day ends. For those children staying later, there are a range of after school activities and an after after school club which runs until 6pm each evening.

Lower Prep Woodland

There are ten 35 minute lessons in each day. Morning break takes place on the hard courts and surrounding grass area, which is dedicated to lower prep children. Lunch is eaten in the dining room and is supervised by Lower Prep teachers. Lessons end at 4.00pm when pupils can dereg and go home; alternatively, pupils can have milk and a snack, then join in the junior activities programme until 5.00pm or supervised prep which finishes at 6.00pm.

Parent Communication

We understand how important communication with parents is and take pride in the positive relationships we have created. We hold Parent/Teacher meetings each term, but parents can also arrange additional appointments at any time throughout the academic year to discuss their child’s progress. Parents will receive school reports in both the Michaelmas and Summer terms.

Kellee Cavill, Deputy Head - Lower Prep

Telephone 01283 707100, email - kcavill@repton.org.uk

Nursery FAQs

Can you clarify what timings you offer and whether you are only open during term time or all year round?

Our nursery is open term time only. Our term dates can be found on this section of our website - www.reptonprep.org.uk/key-information/terms-dates. Children can be dropped off from 8.00am, with chargeable after school care provided up until 6pm. Registration is 8.45am, with the formal school day finishing at 3.45pm.

If you are only open during term time, are there a holiday clubs available?

Unfortunately we do not offer holiday clubs here at Repton Prep. We have a very good relationship with another local private nursery who provide holiday clubs and would be delighted to put you in touch.

How do your nursery sessions work?

Our nursery sessions are 3 hours in length (8.45am to 11.45am / 12.45pm to 3.45pm). With the addition of lunch at 11.45am for 1 hour. We ask that a minimum of 3 nursery sessions per week are booked. 10 sessions would equate to full time nursery.

Could you clarify nursery fees costs please?

A breakdown of our nursery charges are: £25.56 per 3 hour nursery session (AM or PM) / £15.45 for lunch and one hour of care.

For more information, please visit our fees page https://www.reptonprep.org.uk/admissions/fees

Can you also please confirm what meals are offered at the nursery and any other activities available to Nursery children?

Morning and afternoon snacks / refreshment are provided at breaktimes. Lunch is provided in our main dining hall, with our nursery pupils dining first for an early lunch at midday. If your child is to stay beyond 5.00pm, tea will be provided at a cost. Nursery children can choose from a number of after school activities including dance, arts and crafts and sports. Activities incur an additional charge of approximately £6 per session.

After schools care is provided up until 6pm and is charged in 15 minute increments as follows:

Collection Time4pm - 4.15pm4.15pm - 4.30pm4.30pm - 4.45pm4.45pm - 5pm5pm - 5.30pm5.30pm - 5.45pm5.45pm - 6pm

care and full tea)



Do you offer government funded free childcare hours?

Yes, absolutely. We offer 15 hours of free childcare for 3 and 4 year olds. This applies the term after your child turns three, and lasts for six terms.

Do you also accept childcare vouchers?

Yes, we accept childcare vouchers, which can be used for Nursery Fees or after school care. Once your child reaches Reception, the vouchers can only be used for after school care, not school fees.

For further information or queries on fees and the admission process, please contact our Admissions Manager, Miss Ellie Jones on 01283 707112 or email ejones@repton.org.uk.

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