Francis House (Boys Aged 7 -13 Years Old)

Located at the heart of the school in the historic main building, Francis House is the characterful yet modern home to all of the boy boarders at Repton Prep. The house comprises of four bedders, the names of which pay homage to their uses back when the hall was a working stately home. The Gun Room, the Wine Cellar, the Still Room and the Butler’s Pantry can each accommodate up to seven boys and are all packed full of character and original features making them all welcoming and homely.
Francis House - The Saunders Family

Developing independence, empathy and respect are at the heart of everything done in Francis. The boys always look out for one another and, despite varying ages, backgrounds and interests, there is a genuine sense of belonging and brotherhood amongst all.

Evening routines are always varied and the boys have the opportunity to involve themselves in a wide variety of activities organised by the experienced boarding staff. The incredible facilities at Repton Prep allow for plenty of space to let off steam, while also providing well-equipped and quieter areas for more academic activities. From swimming to gardening and drama to basketball, there really is something for everyone to enjoy each evening. The boys are always actively encouraged to choose a good variety of activities throughout the week to ensure they both have time to enjoy their personal hobbies whilst also having opportunities to explore new and exciting experiences.

The houseparent, Ed Saunders, is also a Year 5 & 6 teacher at Repton Prep and has a keen interest in Rugby and History. He is supported by his wife, Bella and his two young children, Toby & Ruby (and of course the Buxton the cat!) The boys in Francis are truly treated as part of the family and are seen as big brothers by the two little ones! The house assistant, Mrs. Margaret Hollioake, brings a wealth of experience to the team and is undoubtedly the world’s greatest maker of hot chocolate! Other house tutors include Mr Ian Clarkson (Head of Year 6 and Head of Football), Mr Mike Casey (Head of Boarding) and Miss Cavill (Deputy Head Lower Prep).

To contact Mr Saunders please email: or telephone 01283 707110.

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