At Foremarke we run Fencing lessons as an optional part of the games curriculum in the senior school on a Wednesday afternoon. Fencing session also runs after school for senior and junior children who wish to learn to fence or develop their skills further; most Foremarke fencers take advantage of both opportunities. We offer tuition from total beginners and progress through the grades to the top level (Grade 9 epéé.)

 Fencing is a traditional sport which has been part of the culture at Foremarke for many years. Foremarke children over the years have gained much success at regional and national level with several going on to represent their country in their senior school.

Lessons are taken by Bob Fensom who is himself a Senior Coach who has previously competed at the highest level and coached pupils who have attained national and world rankings.

Each year Foremarke hosts several competitions, some for our pupils only and some which are opened up to regional fencers. This provides a fantastic opportunity for our pupils of all ages to fence in a competitive environment to enable them to practise and hone their skills.

When the pupils get to a more competitive level they have the opportunity to enter the East Midlands Fencing Competitions, normally held in Nottingham, and the IAPS National Competition which is held at Millfield School in Somerset in the summer term.