Prep School

Prep School

The academic curriculum at Foremarke Hall aims to inspire pupils to a lifelong love of learning. It strives to equip each child with the skill and confidence to be an independent thinker, able to tackle a task either as an individual or as part of a team.

The Prep school runs from Years 3 to Year 8. Years 3 and 4 make up the ‘Lower School’, Years 5 to 8 make up the ‘Upper School’. The children follow a rich, broad and stimulating curriculum and are encouraged to work hard and enjoy their achievements from the start.

High expectations are important both inside and outside the classroom, and we set great store by the development of good manners, self-discipline and consideration for others. As pupils progress through the Prep School, there is a growing formality in the undertaking of academic studies. They are encouraged to take more responsibility for their learning, and their contribution to school life. They grow to understand their importance in the community, both through instruction and example. Homework or ‘prep’ is given to all pupils in increasing amounts as they move through the school. Prep diaries and designated prep times provide the opportunity for all pupils to learn to develop good working habits and to see the results of their efforts. We are very proud of our academic record.

The Common Entrance results obtained by our pupils are excellent and provide the opportunity for the vast majority to gain a place at Repton School, or other first-choice schools, as they move on from Foremarke at the end of Year 8. It is a testament to the quality of the teaching and staff at Foremarke that so many scholarships and other academic awards have been won by our pupils to Repton School and other top public schools. We firmly believe that a Foremarke education brings out the best in each and every child and that it provides them with a strong platform from which they can confidently move into their senior school as independent, self-reliant individuals.

Paula Bushby

Assistant Head (Academic)