Prep for Repton

A key strand of Repton Prep’s pastoral care comes through our house system, which for day and boarding pupils alike provides a supportive community. Each pupil is assigned to either Alexander, Mountbatten, Tedder and Wavell and offers Reptonians a sense of identity.

This is of key importance for when our pupils make the transition from the Prep School through to Repton.

At Repton Prep, we know that participation in whatever arena fosters wellbeing. Throughout the year, there are a variety of House competitions which pupils have the opportunity to represent their House. These competitions include elements of academic endeavour, sports, music, drama and the arts, with the some varying due to the age of the pupils.

In addition to our four school houses, we have three boarding houses catering for our different boarding options. Each house has experienced boarding staff on hand around the clock, providing a happy home environment for boarders. All our Houseparents have their own families helping to contribute to the family feel in the boarding community. 

If you have any questions about anything to do with pastoral care or boarding at Repton Prep, please do not hesitate to contact Deputy Head, Mr Mike Casey on 01283 707126 or email

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