Boarding Options

Each of the three Boarding Houses accommodates up to 30 children - Francis caters for boys and Nightingale for girls, while Knowle Hill offers flexi boarding for those wishing to try boarding for one or two nights per week. All have areas where the children can relax after school, play games and chat to friends.

Full Boarding

Full Boarding allows the children the opportunity to immerse themselves in the culture of our boarding environment. They are benefit from the structure that the boarding houses provide and a greater breadth of opportunity.

Weekly Boarding

Weekly boarding is a good stepping stone in preparation for the step to becoming a full boarder either at Repton Prep or their chosen senior school. Weekly boarders join all the activities that occur throughout the school week and choose to spend Saturday evenings with their families.

Home and Away Boarding

Home and away boarding is a good introduction and the preferred choice of our younger boarders, Pupils have the option to go home on Wednesday and Saturday nights, but we often find that they choose to stay in on a Wednesday especially after a late fixture.


Pupils can book in for one, two or three nights a week, or on an occasional basis, to fit in with parents’ commitments.

The flexi-boarding house is situated right at the top of the main hall and accommodates our day pupils. Our flexi-boarders have access to all the facilities and activities available to the full-time boarders and join in with the boarders during their stay.

Flexi-boarding can be a great stepping stone for day pupils to help with their transition into boarding, introducing a few nights a week before moving to weekly of full-time boarding.

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