Boarding Houses

We have been welcoming boarders to Repton Prep for over 60 years, helping pupils to gain confidence, independence, enhance their organisational abilities and improve their social skills which has proved invaluable when they makje their transition onto senior school. Pupils can start boarding at aged 7 (Year 3). 

We have three boarding houses; Francis (Boys house), Nightingale (Girls house) and Knowle Hill (Flexi-boarding). All houses offer pupils a warm and friendly environment, where pupils can relax after a busy day, have fun and build friendships. 

Each house has its own set of house parents who live there with their own families, in addition to resident tutors and house assistants, care and support is on hand 24 hours a day for our boarders. 

Francis House (Boys Aged 7 -13 Years Old)

Ed and Bella Saunders live in Francis House with their two young children, Toby and Ruby (and not forgetting Buxton, who is pampered by children throughout the School!). Located at the heart of the school in the historic main building, Francis House has all the charm of the original stately home, with all the 21st century comforts that make a house a home.

Originally the Hall's Gun Room, Wine Cellar, Still Room and Butler’s Pantry, Francis House has been stylishly updated with four comfortable bedders each sleeping up to eight boys.  

Developing independence, empathy and respect Francis boys are a close-knit community despite varying ages, backgrounds and interests. Their desire to collaborate and work together brings a genuine sense of belonging and brotherhood (as well as an enormous sense of fun!).

Evening routines are vary and the boys are encouraged to immerse themselves in any of the 94 after school clubs and activities. The incredible facilities at Repton Prep allow for plenty of space to let off steam, while also providing quiet, calm areas to indulge in board games, reading or catching up with friends.

Ed Saunders is also a Year 5 and 6 teacher at Repton Prep with a keen interest in Rugby and History. The boys in Francis are truly treated as part of the family and are seen as big brothers by Ed and Bella's little ones! 

The House Assistant, Mrs. Margaret Hollioake, brings a wealth of experience to the team and is undoubtedly the world’s greatest maker of hot chocolate! House Tutors Mr Ian Clarkson (Head of Year 6 and Head of Football), Mr Mike Casey (Head of Boarding) and Miss Cavill (Deputy Head Lower Prep) lend pastoral as well as academic support.

To contact Mr Saunders please email: or telephone 01283 707110.

Nightingale House (Girls Aged 7 - 13 Years Old)

Rachel and Mike Casey live in Nightingale House with their children Hannah and Alistair, Cara the Springador and Pip the cat. This happy and relaxed boarding house for girls aged between 7-13 is located in the Hall's former stable block, which has been converted into a bright and welcoming second home for the girls. 

Each comfortable bedder (our name for dormitories) has three to six beds, with older girls sharing with just two other boarders. The House is named Nightingale after the well known Lady With The Lamp, and her caring concerned nature is aptly represented in our lovely home.

The two large common rooms offer space to relax, chat, play games and share hot chocolates. The main common room is used on a daily basis by all the girls when they come 'home' from their busy day. There is a second common room where some of the younger girls play with their favourite toys or get stuck into board games. Some of the more popular activities are dance competitions, baking, card playing and movie nights. There is space for the girls to practice their musical talents and a private garden to play, read or relax in.

Though the activities and facilities in the house are excellent, what we are most proud of is our family atmosphere and warmth. Our lovely House tutors foster our core school values with a particular focus on respecting other people, their space and their belongings.

Rachel Casey is Repton Prep's Head of Art and also teaches PE. Her husband Mike Casey is the School's Deputy Head Pastoral and Head of Boarding and he also teaches PE. Their children Hannah and Alistair attend Repton Prep and their pets Cara and Pip are very much part of the family at Nightingale House too.

To contact Mrs Casey please email: or telephone 01283 707135.

Knowle Hill (Flexi-boarding 7- 13years old)

Claire Waldock is the Houseparent of Knowle Hill and is ably supported her husband Nick and their Welsh Corgi, Louis. Located in at the top of the historic main school building, Knowle Hill is home to our flexi-boarders ably supporting pupils' first experience of boarding life. All pupils are made to feel like they truly are a part of the boarding family at Repton Prep.

The House comprises of three girls bedders and two boys bedders, accommodating up to six pupils in each. The House is well resourced with a cosy common room where pupils can relax, play games and spend time with their friends over a (world-class) hot chocolate! Knowle Hill has the best view in the School, overlooking the beautiful lake to one side and the Headmaster's Garden and rolling Derbyshire countryside to the other; there is nothing better to wake up to. 

With full access to all of the School facilities and boarding activities, there is plenty for pupils to get involved in after school hours. From academic support by the resident Boarding Tutors to sport, drama, art as well as visits off-site, pupils are kept active and engaged. 

Claire Waldock is Repton Prep's Head of Science (so is always quick to suggest a bit of pond dipping or star gazing!). 

To contact Mrs Waldock please email: or telephone 01283 707141.

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