Boarding at Repton Prep

Our Boarding houses are an integral part of our overall school vision:

“Blending integrity and values with inspirational learning we ensure our pupils excel with confidence and flair”.

Having a warm, family atmosphere helps pupils to thrive in their school environment, a balanced fun and nurturing approach to our care ensure that each pupil feels valued and supported through their school journey. Pupils build lasting, often worldwide, friendships whilst boarding at Repton Prep and ensures that they have the opportunity to fully immerse themselves within the school community and all that is to offer. The opportunities that pupils are afforded within boarding allows them to develop confidence.

Our Boarders, Houseparents and their families live together, creating a real sense of belonging to our Repton Prep community. Boarders are an extension of the Houseparents families, and our numbers mean that they maintain excellent relationships will pupils of all ages. All Houseparents have clearly defined and agreed values, ensuring that pupils understand what is expected of them whilst they are in school.


Benefits of Boarding

Immerse Yourself in School Life

Boarding allows the pupils to maximise their opportunities at school. They are able to participate in all the extra-curricular activities and we often see that a large proportion of the pupils involved in Sport, Drama and Music are all Boarders.

Meet Friends for Life

The world is becoming a smaller place as technology and travel improve at an ever-increasing pace. Boarding allows pupils to make solid friendships, built on trust and through the enjoyment of activities. It is wonderful to see so many of our Boarders remain close friends and enjoy the friendships they have made.


We are continually refining and reworking our activity programme to ensure that the Boarders benefit from a “rounded” experience. We provide options for activities in Sport, Drama, Dance, Music as well as visits to events and local cultural sites.

Sense of Independence

As the pupils become older and move to our senior years, we help them to develop their sense of independence in preparation for senior school. Organisation, responsibility and communication are top of our priorities when it comes to helping the pupils become independent.

Have Fun

Above all we want the pupils who board at Repton Prep to have fun. The pupils enjoy their time with us whether it is activities with friends, time with their Houseparents or visits to local events. The wide diversity of our Boarding staff allows them to develop a good understanding of the pupils and which activities they enjoy.

English as a Second Option

In addition to the support the pupils receive at school we ensure that the boarders also receive support within the boarding time. A dedicated teachers gives them time during their Prep session twice a week to help with any questions they may have or to simply help organise them.

Parent testimonial for a pupil who boarded at Repton Prep and went onto study ar Repton School:

I have to say that our new B Block have made life very easy for me, especially the Repton Prep boarders!  They have been fantastic - laid back when it's sensible to be, focused when needed.


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