Personalised Learning

Learning Enhancement is a thriving, integral part of Repton Prep available to all  children, staff and parents.  We run an ‘open door’ policy where everyone is welcome.

Our Aims

Within the resources and expertise available to us we aim to identify and subsequently support any child who may have specific learning differences or difficulties, to enable them to work towards becoming independent successful learners.

We aim to provide a resource centre for all children, staff and parents.  This may be to seek initial advice about progress or to source information or resources available about specific difficulties such as Dyslexia or curriculum support.

Our Base

The Department is well-designed to provide adaptable space for specialist teaching, small-group work and independent computer work.  The Department is extremely well-resourced with children having access to the latest computer software and learning resources.

The Learning Enhancement Department is based in the Quad building on the ground floor.  The specialist teaching areas also provide a group teaching area which is mainly used for teaching English as an Additional Language.

Specialist Teaching

Repton Prep is fortunate to have four specialist qualified teachers working across the school.

The Department is led by Mr Alexander Wilde who has many years experience working as a Specialist Teacher. As well as individual and small group teaching, his role is to co-ordinate and develop the learning enhancement provision across the whole school.

Classroom Support

Repton Prep also has an excellent system of support in the classroom.

Lower Prep and Upper Prep have a number of Teaching Assistants and Learning Enhancement Assistants that are deployed across classes to provide additional support.

In Upper Prep, Learning Enhancement Assistants work across the curriculum supporting in lessons. We adopt a flexible approach to this support and LEAs are deployed depending on timetable and need.

Good communication between the Specialist Teachers and the Teaching Assistants and Learning Enhancement Assistants ensures a ‘joined-up’ approach when designing intervention programmes for individual children.

Our System

Assessment: school screening for progress and identification of a specific difficulty will take place throughout a child’s education at Repton Prep, either in group sessions or individually if the need arises.  Parents will be advised if further assessment by an outside agency would be beneficial.

Support: the Learning Enhancement for pupils is divided into categories to indicate the level of need.  Some children will require support for a short time, others for longer.

  • LE1 –  classroom support by Teaching Assistants or Learning Enhancement Assistants as directed by the class or subject teacher.
  • LE2 – group interventions, often based on recognised computer learning programmes or regular group sessions, such as Read First, Handwriting or Learning Enhancement Prep.
  • LE3 – 1:1 or 1:2/3 lessons specifically designed for each pupil’s individual needs.  These lessons will incur a charge.
  • LE4 – 1:1 or 1:2/3 specialist lessons designed to address an identified specific learning difference/difficulty.  These lessons will incur a charge*

*Please see Headmasters annual fees letter for current charges, available from the School Office.

Repton Prep's SEND Policy

If you would like any further information please contact:

Mr Alexander Wilde 
01283 707152

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