At Repton Prep, we place great importance on the study of Classics. In Years 7 and 8, pupils follow a course in either Latin or Classical Studies, depending on their setting. Classical Greek may also be offered as an activity to pupils who express a keen desire to learn it. 


The Latin course we follow at Repton Prep is So You Really Want To Learn Latin, by Nicholas Oulton. This course book provides a thoroughly systematic approach to Latin grammar, and includes much practice in translation from English into Latin.

Latin is the mother of modern languages such as Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Romanian. Even in our own language, English, around 75% of our vocabulary is derived from Latin and Greek. It has been said that the study of Latin reaches the parts of the brain that other subjects on their own do not reach: it combines the logic of Mathematics, English, and the Romance Languages.

Classical Studies

Our aim in this course is to introduce pupils to the world of Ancient Greece and Rome. We hope to nurture in them an interest in the vast influence the classical world has on us today, in language, history, philosophy, art, architecture, technology, religion and democracy. 

We follow classical background topics including Greek myths such as Jason and the Argonauts, Theseus and the Minotaur, as well as the Trojan War and the Wanderings of Odysseus; also, Roman legends and various aspects of life in Ancient Rome and Roman Britain.


In Geography lessons we hope the pupils will gain an interest and appreciation of the world around us from a local to a global scale. We encourage them to use a range of geographical enquiry skills, including fieldwork, to develop their knowledge and understanding of places, patterns, processes, environmental change and sustainable development.

Specialist teachers deliver the Geography program from Year 6 onwards covering a wide range of topics including; Antarctica, Brazil, Ordnance Survey map skills, volcanoes and earthquakes, rivers, coasts, weather, Snowdonia National Park and global economic activities.

Fieldwork is an important area of Geography at Repton Prep. We make use of the beautiful grounds to carry out fieldwork investigations such as microclimate surveys, weathering investigations and studying the local stream. The grounds also serve as a perfect place to perfect map skills and practise orienteering.

We run two residential trips. Year 6 have a trip to the Cranedale Centre in North Yorkshire which includes activities such as orienteering, a day at Flamborough Head studying coastal erosion and rock-pooling and a day on the North York Moors looking at rivers. In Year 8 all pupils go to Anglesey and Snowdonia to conduct a river survey in the Pass of Llanberis and to take part in high adrenaline sports, if they wish, such as coasteering – a good way to learn about the power of the sea first hand.


History at Repton Prep is taught to all pupils as a distinct subject throughout the school.  In the process of exploring History we aim to develop the following skills and attributes:

  • A love for the subject that will last long after they leave Repton Prep.
  • An understanding of how events and characters in the past have helped to shape society today.
  • An understanding of how British History links with that of other European and world countries.
  • An appreciation of how and why some aspects of the past are subject to different interpretations.
  • A knowledge of what past societies were like, how these societies organised themselves and what beliefs and cultures influenced people’s actions.
  • The ability to reflect on personal choices, attitudes and values.
  • The ability to use evidence, weigh it up and reach conclusions.
  • The ability to develop a chronological framework.
  • The ability to develop a range of enquiry-based skills in order to understand how people in the past lived their lives, and compare and contrast this with contemporary lifestyles.
  • The ability to develop the ability to organise and communicate historical knowledge and understanding orally, visually and in writing using appropriate techniques and vocabulary.

Throughout the academic year the department hosts a number of events in which History comes alive.


The PSHCE curriculum at Repton Prep aims to prepare the children for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of modern life, so that they can progress to their next schools at 13 with the knowledge and ideals to allow them to take advantage of every opportunity presented to them.

PSHCE is a highly valued subject at Repton Prep and is included as a timetabled subject for Years 3 – 8. Pupils in Years 5 – 8 receive a double period each week which is taught in an extremely comfortable, convivial room on the second floor of the main Hall. This has been specifically designed with the subject in mind, with soft-padded chairs arranged in a circle and carpeted floor. The room suits the more relaxed, informal style of learning that takes place in PSHCE, which is mainly discussion based. The teaching of PSHCE is seen as a collective responsibility of all staff but timetabled lessons are taught by staff with a specialist interest in the delivery of PSHCE.

Children are encouraged to talk freely, with the knowledge that their views and opinions will be listened to and valued. Children express how they enjoy this special time to share their thoughts in a safe and secure environment.

Aims of the PSHCE curriculum at Repton Prep;

  • To teach pupils to live healthily and safely and to reflect on their experiences.
  • To develop the well-being and confidence of our pupils.
  • To encourage self-belief.
  • To enable pupils to take responsibility for their learning and future choices.
  • To encourage the pupils to be responsible and caring members of the school and their local communities
  • To prepare pupils for the moral, social and cultural dilemmas they face as they approach adulthood.
  • To develop each pupils understanding of relationships and help them to manage responsibly a wider range  of relationships as they grow up.
  • To promote in each individual a respect for others and for the differences between people and cultures.
Religious Studies

The teaching of Religious Studies at Repton Prep is in accordance with the Christian principles upon which the school was founded. Pupils are however encouraged to also understand and respect the beliefs, values and traditions of other religions in preparation for life as citizens in a pluralistic society.

Pupils in Year 5 cover a broad range of topics ranging from, major Old Testament characters to, aspects of the life and teaching of Jesus as outlined in the Gospels. In Year 6 there is a focus on Islam, Hinduism and Sikhism.

In Years 7 and 8, pupils begin to identify and explore issues within and between faiths and human experience. They look beyond the stories to the beginnings of religious ethics, enabling them to make reasoned and informed judgements about religious and moral issues. Whilst learning about how the Jewish religion is followed today, pupils in Year 7 also study some of the ancient texts which have a direct bearing on how Judaism is practiced. Year 7 consider the Creation narratives, the founders of the Jewish faith, the Ten Commandments and some of the prophets.

During the course of Year 8 there is a continued emphasis in developing skills such analysis, expression, reflection, evaluation and application through the use of distinctive language, listening and empathy. Pupils study a range of topics relating to the Christian faith and develop an understanding of the importance they have both in the life of the Church and in the lives of individuals.

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