World Book Day

World Book Day
Thursday 01 Mar 2018 by Foremarke Hall

The theme of World Book Day to “Share a Story”, has whetted the imagination this week particularly as the returning winter has dressed our landscape in a brilliant white and soft blanket of excitement and joy amongst the children. The fun and exultations which have been had!

Joy, too, in the novels, prose and poems read, urged and reflected upon yesterday. My favourite as I dressed in my Ushanka against the icy blast as Dr Zhivago, has to be Alexander Pushkin’s poem “Winter Morning”, the third verse of which portrays the imagery of the snow covered estate perfectly:

Under vivid azure skies,

A luxurious pure carpet lies—

Snow, sparkling in the brilliant light.

Bare trees present their blackening sheen;

Through the white, spruce growing green;

Beneath the ice, a river glistening bright.





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