A ‘wild’ weekend in boarding!

A ‘wild’ weekend in boarding!
Wednesday 11 Oct 2017 by Foremarke Hall
Our boarding weekend began with a bang as we celebrated National Boarding Day on Saturday. The boarders had all created their own special dinner design and Mr Woodman, Head of Catering, had picked the winners! A steak special, the choice of Jonah, William M and Emma (and Mrs Forman) was the winning main course, followed by the intriguing ‘Foremarke Fluff’, invented by Will B! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the absolutely superb meal we were treated to.

Revving engines and laser shots were the order of the day on Sunday as we headed to Wild Park for quad biking and laser tag games. After a tutorial, with their suits on and visors down the first group of the day took to the vast fields of Wild Park to churn up the mud, speed round corners and whizz down the hills. With superb instruction from the experts even the complete novices amongst us looked like experienced professionals by the end of the session. Despite the dry weather and mild temperature on the day the overnight rainfall had left its mark so we still experienced our fair share of puddles to plough through, but that only added to the fun of the already challenging and exciting routes.

Hidden away in the woods that descended down away from view was the other half of our group who were starting with lasertag in the morning. Split into two teams, the group played numerous games, each with different goals that required varied tactics. Hiding behind abandoned helicopters, land rovers, towers and trees was great fun as the children tried to shoot the opposition without being hit themselves! By midday it was time to turn the engines off and put the laser guns down as we headed back to base for lunch and a rest before swapping over for the afternoon session. The children’s behaviour was excellent and a great and enjoyable day was had by all.

Fully exhausted at the end of the day we returned to Foremarke to wash away all the mud and prepare for church. After tea we enjoyed the Harvest church service at St Saviours where Esther read superbly and Kate, Marisa, Felix and Will G were also super helpers.
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