Pirate Day in Pre-Prep

Pirate Day in Pre-Prep
Friday 09 Sep 2016 by Foremarke Hall

We may be a long way from the sea but this didn’t stop a real pirate coming to Foremarke Hall on Wednesday to spend the day with the Year One children. To launch our Creative Curriculum topic this term, “Galleons and Rockets”, Pirate Rocky Cliff spent the morning telling us fascinating facts about real life pirates. For instance, did you know that pirates never made prisoners walk the plank? Or that they never buried their treasure? We learnt how to play pirate games such as quoits and skittles and even had a go at walking the plank blindfolded across shark infested water!

After a hearty lunch each child was given their very own pirate name, such as  ‘One Eyed Annie’ before undertaking the challenge of locating the hidden treasure. By finding various objects and then reading the clues the “loot” was finally tracked down in Pre-Prep and much enjoyment was had to discover that pirates bury sweets and chocolate!

The afternoon ended with a very brave pirate Rocky Cliff being placed in the pillory and having wet sponges thrown at him. Each child also made essential pirate attire, such as a cutlass and pirate hat.

Please do come and look at our Year One display board for more photos and to see the children’s work on pirates appear throughout the term.   A huge thank you to Pirate Rocky Cliff from www.pirateattack.co.uk  and to all the parents for the fabulous pirate costumes that the children wore. It was a fantastic day and we have no doubt that the “little pirates” slept very well in their hammocks afterwards!

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