Pirate Day In Pre Prep

Pirate Day In Pre Prep
Friday 07 Sep 2018 by Foremarke Hall

Oh Arr me hearties!! What a greattttt day Year one had on Wednesday. To launch our new topic we had a fantastic Pirate Day. All the children, and adults, came dressed as pirates and the whole day was full of themed activities.  The morning began with pirate Rocky Cliff, telling us lots of interesting facts about pirates, such as Black Beard, who was a terrifying pirate who came from Bristol and stole lots of treasure.  The children then had a turn at walking the plank and learning how to play skittles. Within their form rooms the children made hooks and treasure chests, full of wonderful goodies. We even had a very special visitor, Pirate No Beard, who is apparently the brother of Mr. Relton.After a hearty lunch, we spent the afternoon outside. Rocky Cliff showed us some gruesome artefacts, such as Black Beards stinky nappy and rotten teeth. We all had a go at playing deck quoits. Finally, after following various clues we located a big chest of treasure, which the children were very excited about! It was a brilliant day and we are sure that all the ‘little pirates’ will have slept very well in their pirate bunks that night.

A huge thank you to Pirate Rocky Cliff from www.pirateattack.co.uk  and to all the parents for the fabulous pirate costumes that the children wore.
Please do come and look at our Year One display board for more photos and to see the children’s work on pirates appear throughout the term.

Mrs Owen.

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