Pancake Race Fun

Pancake Race Fun
Thursday 08 Feb 2018 by Foremarke Hall

Great excitement was felt across the Pre-Prep this Tuesday as the opportunity for a pancake race was taken before next week’s Shrove Tuesday.  Year Two prepared their work stations with all the equipment and ingredients to whip up a batter! Two teams of very enthusiastic children waited for Miss Cavill to explain the rules, then flour was weighed, eggs were cracked and milk was poured and whisked, while Mrs Birmingham and Mrs Clark warmed the frying pans.

Pancake Race Pre Prep Mixtures

With sloppy mixtures being passed through each stage, the final cooking was down to the teachers, while the rest cheered their encouragement. Finally the pancakes were cooked to perfection! (Well almost.) Two children were primed to race through the Pre-Prep building back to the hall before adding the sugar and juice toppings. A dead heat was declared. Good fun was had all round!

Pancake mixtures 2

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