Please find full listings of Repton Prep's current staff. The listings are divided by department and role. Please select the department the member of staff is in to find their available contact details.


Senior Management Team


R Relton


Deputy Head - Upper Prep

S Krbacevic

BSc(Hons), PGCE, Mphil

Deputy Head - Lower Prep 

K Cavill 

BA(Hons), PGCE

Head of Learning Enhancement

A Wilde 


Deputy Head Pastoral & Boarding

M CaseyBA (Hons), PGCE,

Director of Facilities and Services

R J Fletcher







School Secretary

E Prescott

Admissions Manager

E Jones

BA(Hons), MA

Prep School Administrator

R Powney

IT Manager

M Shepherd 


Marketing Operations Manager 

E Cook

School Administrator - Lower Prep

K Trower

General Enquiries

Head of Art, Houseparent of NightingaleR CaseyBA(Hons), PGCE,

Deputy Head Pastoral and Boarding

M Casey

BA(Hons), QTS

Houseparent of Nightingale, Head of Art

R Casey

BA(Hons), PGCE

Houseparent of Francis

E Saunders

BSc(Hons), PGCE

Houseparent of Francis

A Saunders



House Assistant Francis

M Hollyoake



Houseparent of Knowles Hill (Flexi Boarding), Head of Science

C E Waldock

BSc(Hons), PGCE

Houseparent of Knowles Hill (Flexi Boarding)

N Waldock 


Head of Classics, Year 7 TutorG WilliamsonBA(Hons), Prof Dip Theol,
Design and Technology
Head of Design and TechnologyJ E DavisBSc(Hons),
Head of DramaMiss L TimminsBA,
Junior Drama and D&TMrs R L HobsonBA (Hons)


EAL and Learning Enhancement
Head of Learning Enhancement A WildeBSc,
EAL Teacher, Learning Enhancement TeacherR DryBA, MA,
Learning Enhancement TeacherJ CollinsBA(Hons),
Learning Enhancement TeacherE Hanson
Learning Enhancement AssistantE




Head of EnglishO SloaneBA, MA, PGCE
Teacher of English and HistoryK CoombsBEd(Hons),
Teacher of EnglishS GoldingBA(Hons),
Teacher of English and HistoryJ Pugsley
Teacher of Geography and PE, Y8 Form TutorS DuttonBA(Hons),


Teacher of English and History Year 7 Form TutorK CoombsBA(Hons),
Teacher of English and HistoryJ Pugsley
Information Technology
Head of ICT, Head of Year 8, Year 8 Form TutorS OwenBA(Hons), PGCE

LibrarianL Colver
Lower Prep (Woodland Campus, Year 3 and 4)
Deputy Head Lower PrepK CavillBA(Hons),
Section Lead - WoodlandC DrakeleyBA(Hons), MA,
Teacher Year 3 Form TutorG SmithBA (Hons),
Teacher Year 4 Form TutorJ Harrison BEd(Hons),
Drama Teacher R HobsonBA(Hons)
Teacher Year 3 Form TutorJ Ireland BSc(Hons),
Teacher (Year 3 and 4)J Martin BEd(Hons)
Teacher Year 4 Form TutorC OdellBA(Hons),
Learning Enhancement AssistantT Phillips
Learning Enhancement AssistantN Barker
Head of Maths, Year 7 Form TutorJ DavisBEd(Hons) 
Deputy Head Upper Prep, PSHCE and Maths TeacherS KrbacevicBSc(Hons), PGCE,
Teacher of Maths and Science, Year 8 Form TutorG KerrMSc, BSc(Hons),
Maths Teacher, Year 6 Form TutorA Gray BA (Hons)
Medical Centre
School NurseMrs J PettittRN, RM,
Medical AssistantMrs J Sullivan 
Modern Languages
Head of French, Head of Year 7, Year 6 Form TutorR NewhamBA(Hons),
Year 6 Form Tutor, French TeacherF LewisBA(Hons)
Director of MusicS Bloor*GRSM(Hons), LRAM,
Teacher of Music and Music TechnologyR SpaltonBMus(Hons),
Teacher of MusicC WoodGRSM(Hons), ARCM,
Head of SingingH WinterBMus, TCM (Hons)
Physical Education
Director of SportS MansfieldBEd(Hons)
Head of Year 6, Year 7 Form Tutor, i/c Football, PE TeacherI ClarksonBSC(Hons)
Head of Hockey Y5 Form Tutor,  PE TeacherR AndersonBA, MSc,
Year 8 Form Tutor, PE TeacherS DuttonBA(Hons),
Head of Netball, Year 6 Form Tutor,  PE TeacherA RigneyBSc(Hons)
PE Teacher, Head of Year 5P RigneyBSc(Hons)


Lower Prep Garden - Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and 2


Deputy Head - Lower Prep K A CavillBA(Hons),
Section Lead - Lower Prep Garden (Year 2)R Clark BA(Hons),
Teacher (Reception)R Birmingham BEd(Hons)
Teacher (Year 1)P DewsburyBSc,
Teacher (Nursery)H Ewins BSc(Hons),
Teacher (Reception)C LukeBA(Hons),
Teacher (Year 2)M OwenBEd(Hons)
Teacher (Year 1)K FarrowBA(Hons),
Learning Enhancement AssistantC
Learning Enhancement AssistantM
Learning Enhancement AssistantR
Learning Enhancement AssistantP HarphamCACHE Lu13
Learning Enhancement AssistantC HudsonBTec(DipNN)
Learning Enhancement AssistantE LucasBA(Hons),
Learning Enhancement AssistantS
Learning Enhancement AssistantR Shaw
Learning Enhancement AssistantL SmithBSc(Hons),
Learning Enhancement AssistantV Fryer
Learning Enhancement AssistantZ


Head of PSHCE, Year 3 TeacherJ IrelandBSc(Hons),
Deputy Head Upper Prep, Teacher of Maths and PSHCES KrbacevicBSc(Hons), PGCE,
Religious Studies
Head of Religious Studies, Year 8 Form TutorR WayBA(Hons), RS Dip,
Head of Science, Houseparent of Knowles Hill (Flexi Boarding)C E WaldockBSc(Hons),
Teacher of Science and Maths, Year 8 Form TutorG KerrMSc, BSc(Hons,
Teacher of Science, Year 8 Form Tutor and PED ChapmanBSc (Hons)
Laboratory TechnicianM DunionBSc(Hons)

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