International Boarders

International Boarders

The Foremarke Hall and Repton School communities are greatly enriched by the blend of different countries and societies from which our pupils originate.

Diversity prospers here within the culture of a traditional English boarding school. We seek to create an environment in which all pupils are drawn together by their desire for excellence and which prepares them best for life in an ever-shrinking world.

At what age do we accept International pupils?

We are flexible about the age that International Pupils join our school but  recommend that children join Foremarke at age 10 in Year 5, or at age 11 in Year 6 in order to really develop the English language and learn the routine of the school  during a time where there are no examination pressures. This is a great introduction to ensure pupils approach the Year 7 and 8 Common Entrance curriculum work and examinations with the greatest chance of successful outcomes, and even an opportunity of being put forward for a scholarship introduction in whatever is their area of strength, from academic to music, sport to design and technology and art.

International Videos

Russia 1
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