Our principal aim in teaching Mathematics is that all children will be encouraged to enjoy the subject and study it with confidence and a sense of achievement. Our pupils achieve high standards in numeracy and a range of other mathematical skills and learn to apply these skills with confidence and understanding when solving problems.

We feel it is important to develop an appreciation of the relevance of Mathematics in other areas of the curriculum and everyday life and to be able to think precisely, logically and creatively. Furthermore, when learning it is our aim to encourage the ability to work both independently and within a group and to work in an environment where it is acceptable to make mistakes and to be encouraged to use their mistakes to rethink and re-explore their ideas.

mathematics awardsThe Mathematics syllabus delivered in Years 1-6 follows the commercial Abacus Evolve Mathematics scheme, which delivers a mathematical programme encompassing the National Numeracy Strategy. In Years 7 & 8, pupils follow the outlined syllabus of Common Entrance through the Galore Park text books, So You Want to Learn Maths, books 1-3. Pupils in Years 5 – 8 receive their lessons from specialist staff.

Setting currently exists in Years 3-8 for Mathematics, although pupils in Year 3 are not placed into sets immediately in the Michaelmas Term. Mathematics in Pre-Prep is taught to mixed-ability groups.

Pupils in Years 7 & 8 are prepared for entry to their chosen senior school via Common Entrance. Our most able students may undertake the Scholarship Mathematics programme in Years 7 & 8, at the end of which, they will sit the Common Academic Scholarship Examination or the designated Scholarship Exam for their chosen school.

The teaching of Mathematics is greatly enhanced by the use of interactive whiteboards, which are widely available in all classrooms.

More able pupils participate in a number of National Mathematics challenges. Top sets in Years 5 & 6 take part in the UK Primary Mathematics Challenge in November and any qualifiers sit the finals paper of the PMC in February. The more able pupils in Years 6, 7 & 8 participate in the UK Junior Mathematics Challenge in April and any qualifiers sit the UK Junior Mathematics Olympiad paper at the end of the academic year. A couple of Year 8 pupils join two pupils from Repton’s Year 9 to participate in the UK Mathematics Team Challenge.