The Drama Department at Foremarke Hall offers all pupils the opportunity to express their creative and imaginative ideas both physically and verbally.  Our fantastic theatre is buzzing with creative energy on a daily basis providing an exciting environment in which pupils develop their communication skills and explore the many aspects of Drama.

Drama is taught to all pupils from Nursery to Year 8 by specialist teachers.  The younger children develop their speaking and listening skills via whole class and small group activities.  They learn how to portray people and animals as well as developing characters from simple texts.  The  use of sound effects and costume are also considered and the children are encouraged to think about their position on stage when acting for an audience.

As pupils move thorough the school their basic acting skills and knowledge of dramatic techniques are built on while participating in a wide variety of activities and tasks in their lessons.  Children work from given scripts as well as developing their own.  They are given the opportunity to present these to their parents and guardians in the year group drama evenings.  The children learn not only to develop characters and scenarios but they are also encouraged to consider appropriate lighting, sound effects, costume, props and set design.  We are lucky to be able to give our pupils who are interested in the technical aspects of theatre the opportunity to enter our lighting and sound gallery and, once trained, operate the equipment themselves.

When pupils reach Year 8, those who show significant ability in Drama may be offered the opportunity to work towards a scholarship entrance to their senior school. These pupils are offered additional teaching to help prepare for these assessments.

Many productions take place through out the school year including Christmas shows and summer concerts from the Pre Prep and Lower School pupils, year group presentation evenings from the Upper School children as well as one major production for which pupils audition for acting and technical roles.  The Drama department works closely with the Music department to bring both arts together culminating in fantastic productions all year round.

Drama not only develops pupils’ communication skills, it builds their confidence enormously and encourages children to work as co-operative and considerate team members.  It provides children with many transferable skills that we believe will help them in many aspects of their lives.