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 Foremarke ArtistsThe Art Department at Repton Prep believes that everyone has a talent in some artistic discipline and that through our education their talent will be discovered.

Our department is colourful and welcoming and a high standard of work is achieved by all age groups. Drawing and painting are our main activities although every child has the opportunity to work in our busy ceramics department which involves them in at least one project in each school year. Mixed media projects are also a regular part of the curriculum.

At the end of Year 7, those pupils with a particularly strong interest and ability in this subject are invited to enter the scholarship program. We have a strong record of achieving  Scholarships and Exhibitions to Senior Schools and the work produced by our scholars is regularly on display around our school.

Foremarke Artists  Each pupil has a double period of Art every week in Years 3,4 and 5 and a triple lesson for half of each  term in Years 6, 7 and 8.  Boarding pupils are also able to work in the art room during some evenings in the week and on some Sundays.

Our new, ‘state of the art’, art and ceramics department opened in September 2013. It is colourful and full of light and a high standard of work is produced by all age groups. We feel very lucky and are confident that our creative facilities are likely to be the envy of many prep and senior schools.

Although we feel that it is important for the pupils to learn through formal and structured art lessons they also have plenty of time to work on their own ideas. Above all, our aim is for the pupils to enjoy their artistic pursuits.

Art Scholars 2020

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