Values and Aims

Our pupils go out into the world not just ready, but Repton Ready. Intellectually, physically and emotionally prepared for the known and unknown; eager and equipped to achieve their full potential - whatever life holds. 

Our Values

  • Respect founded on a deep regard for common humanity in each other.
  • Wholeness of the person in moral, intellectual, social and physical endeavours.
  • Truth: The goal of a life-long process of learning.
  • Excellence as an aspiration for all, in every pursuit, both individual and collaborative.

At Repton Prep your child will stay a child for longer, encouraged throughout their school life to develop in confidence and self-esteem into their best selves.

This is achieved through our mission to provide academic challenge and stimulate a love of learning, offer a broad range of activities with equality of opportunity for all, develop character, values and morals and to foster a safe and happy community.

The most valuable education is one that is broad and balanced, enabling children to enjoy their childhood whilst benefiting from a wonderful range of opportunities both in and out of the classroom.

We aim to encourage our pupils to use their minds well, to understand their societal responsibilities, to make wise judgements; to be able to discriminate between right and wrong, good and better. A Repton education is about performance, not privilege. 

We know that participation, in whatever arena, fosters wellbeing and that physical activity is important for growing children. Above all we value what sport brings out in our pupils: teamwork, dedication, resilience, leadership and a sense of achievement - both collectively and individually.

Finally, we believe that no education is complete without a spiritual element to it, teaching children to appreciate beauty, to be creative and to value others.

With these elements in place, Repton Prep aims to work in partnership with parents to produce grounded young people with a global outlook. 

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