It is the aim of the ICT department to encourage confident and competent users of ICT who learn when and how to use technology. Foremarke hall benefits form a campus-wide ICT network maintained by a full-time computer technician.

Through a variety of experiences we aim for each child to develop skills in communicating ideas through words, pictures, and sounds; entering, storing and classifying information; accessing and obtaining information and discovering skills useful to their own studies.

Two main computer suites lie at the heart of the network and it is here that ICT skills are taught as a part of the timetables for all Year 3 - Year 8 Pupils.  Each classroom in the school is equipped with at least one computer and there are more available in the Library for work and research purposes. Many subject areas make use of ICT to enhance teaching and learning and the majority of classrooms are equipped with data projectors and/ or interactive whiteboards.


ICT experiences should reflect the whole - school policy on promoting Common Sense, Aiming High, Respect, and Enjoying What You Have.