Literacy is the heart of any curriculum and we want our pupils to have a sense of enjoyment and purpose about their learning. Reading is fundamental to any development and we are blessed with a wealth of resources and an impressive library in the main hall building, with several age specific libraries in the different sections of the school. We are a large department across the three phases of the school but we work closely together to ensure progression and continuity in the classroom.

We wish to inspire and encourage the children’s creativity, whilst underpinning the “basics” of grammar, spelling and punctuation. We celebrate National Poetry Day and World Book Day annually and encourage the children to enter competitions. We enjoy visits from authors and theatre companies, who give performances and run workshops our pupils. We also take the children on visits to the theatre.

We work in partnership with parents and encourage them to take an active roll in their children's learning. Every child has a reading and spelling log in their prep diary and we strongly encourage parents to record and comment on the reading they do with their children. We work closely with the Drama, Learning Enhancement and English as an Additional Language departments and have strong links with the English department at Repton School.

The English department is housed in our modern Quad Development, where you will often hear the sound of laughter coming from the classrooms.